foam filtration for bags and boxes that blocks the complex odor of cannabis


1. Disruptive Technology:
The foam disrupts the complex odor frequencies of Cannabis turpene compounds, the odor producing chemicals.

2. Light Weight:
Cellular foam that is light weight, flexible and durable.

3. Easy to use:
Suited for box liners, bag liners and ideal for use in odor free transportation. Foam can be cut, formed, installed with adhesive or sewn. Foam over foam for the best seal and no odor leakage.

4. Proven Technology:
Many different strains tested in 4 locations across the country. No detect!

5. Simple design:
The foam does all of the work as the air is exchanged. That’s it. Simple.

6. Many Uses
Lining for locker bags, hunting gear, hunting blinds and tents, gym bags, exhaust filters / venting, indoor grow operation

7. Longevity of use
With propery treatment the foam will perform for years as a liner.
As air filter for grow operation: 6 month in normal grow operation and 3 month during flowering,

8. Available
With minimal wait time for orders, the foam is readily available. A wide range of bag designs have a short lead time of 20 days.

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